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If you don't mind flushing your cash down the toilet, by all means buy timeshares from LGI. We have yet been able to find a resort within our limited travel abilities to even stay at - booked solid for over 2 years of summers. We were lied to, and the entire program was misrepresented from the beginning. I might add, the entire room was filled with "elderly" people - easier to work their scams on. They implied they were agents for our... Read more

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After several phone calls I finally agreed to attend a "Wyndham" update, upon arrival I was informed they were NOT Wydham. After 2 hours of these scam artist telling me how horrible Wyndham was and if I were to die my children would be strapped with my debt, I kindly informed them I loved what I have and I knew for a fact my children would NOT be "strapped" with mu so called maintenance fee debt, they got exteremely rude (No surprise). Do not... Read more

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In March 2015, we were invited to dinner to "update" us on our timeshare package. When we arrived, it turns out it was not our timeshare, but a totally different timeshare program which they would gladly trade us for our old one. The new program was totally misrepresented as to resorts available within the confined area we were interested in and as to the availability of those resorts. After 13 months, we have not found a single resort with... Read more

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Last night we went to one of their meetings. In order to get rid of our time share we had to buy into theirs in the amount of $6995. I said I didn't think we had to do that, but, they insisted that no time share would just let you go for free. WRONG! Today I called my time share and told them we were just too old to travel anymore and wanted to turn in our time share. They told me, "No problem! I will send you the papers and all you have to do... Read more

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I was very skeptical when they called my house begging me to come to their "Meeting", I figured it was just another sales presentation. Well after about 1.2 hours I finally decided to give up my wyndham so I didn't have to pay the fees. Well its worked out well. I had the timeshare transferred within about 2 months. I truly appreciate Justin and Natalie at LGI. Thanks so much. I have referred you to anyone who ask me about timeshare. I do not... Read more

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Please don't do this as now I'm $8,600 in debt and nowhere at all. The points did not cover most of the places I want to go and they all have a transaction fee. What a rip off and people who lie to get you to buy. A lot of the package was not disclosed to me so I'm very upset and now can't get out of it at all. Buyers BEWARE!!!! Add comment

I had a similar experience as the above review. I went to their 'educational meeting' and found that they want me to buy into RCI points system (at a cost of between $6500.00 - $9000.00) for the privilege of having more scheduling flexibility, and ability of giving away, to them, my timeshare if I ever want out. They use scare tactics by telling you that you and your heirs can never get out of paying the maintenance fee even if you want to... Read more

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Is it ripoff? Or a benafish company Add comment

they are manipulative people that are not to be trusted. i signed over a time share with them and told i would get renewed points every year after words which was a lie. if it is not in writing every word they say on a line that you initial it is a lie to get your money. i promise. i talked to corperate and there is a line that says "no verbal promises made that do not appear in the formal sales agreement", if you initial that your screwed if... Read more

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Leisure Getaways really helped me out a lot. I was struggling with high maintenance fees and they were able to help me out a lot! David was my customer service representative, he was so hepful in so many ways. It cost me a little money but it was so worth it in the long run. Thank you Leisure Getaways and David. Add comment

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