• Misrepresentation from personnel1 votes
  • Bait-and-switch tactics1 votes
  • Obtained my personal information1 votes
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Former employee... They lie, steal and cheat everyone!!!! I worked for this company for almost 2 years. I have worked with its "higher ups" for almost a decade. They will sell you what you already have and tell you is not the same. They will not have your deeds removed from your name and if they do it well take them years. The people you are giving your information such as social security... Read more

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A lady called this afternoon claiming to be a representative of Interval International with some information about new resorts and trading options to be offered in 2015. I was invited to dinner at a local restaurant for next week. I became suspicious when she didn't know my home resort. I asked her point-blank if she worked for Interval International and she said yes. Unfortunately, I was ***... Read more

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LGI is a joke and attempts to portray themselves as something they are certainly not. People who say they are "satisfied" with the services they received are just as full of *** as LGI's sales team. Sell your *** timeshare (you know you don't use it) and vacation like a normal person does- without paying for "points". Take the extra thousands you spend on this "RCI Points Package" and just buy... Read more

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Im not one to write reviews, however i do know that more people who are unhappy with an experience are more likely to write a bad review than someone with a good experience (word of mouth) however i only think its fair to post on behalf of my wife & our family. My wife & I were invited to a dinner by leisure getaways 6 months ago. When we arrived we were greeted by a very nice young lady... Read more

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i filed a complaint about leisuregetaways not having good lines of communication as we could not contact our company rep due to his phone not functioning for some reason...after many attempts to phone and then text we contacted justin chaney at leisuregetaways and he was most helpful in giving us a new contact in customer service which was a direct line to anytime we have questions or need... Read more

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been trying Tucker but his phone is not functional and texts do not come through i would like and e mail for tucker or justin c so we can communicate...just realized that we traded 29,500 points for 15,000 but am also having some other problems and need help...hope to be contacted by someone!!! Tucker wrote his phone number on our folder and said "use it"--if there is a problem with that number... Read more

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We meet at a dinner with Leisure Getways Inc. We meet with a very intelligent young lady you gave us very valuable information and we felt informed when we left. They did offer us a trade into points but we felt at this time in our life as a young working family it just was not the right time. Would def. do business with in the future though. Very professional. I was very happy with the way... Read more

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I met i the representative I thought was with RCI. I later found out that they were not but I listened to their presentation. Long story short, they asked to purchase my timeshare, reduce the cost of my maintenance fee, reduce the cost of my exchange fee for puchasing a points based timeshare. I agreed. This was charged on an RCI credit card through Barclay bank. I asked if I would be... Read more

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We got a call from a person who said they were from Wyndham and they were inviting us to an update for time share owners. They offered us dinner at a local restaurant if we would come to here what they had to say. I suggested it might be better if they sent us the update in written form but they insisted that they wanted to meet us. We agreed to the meeting. One day before the appointment we... Read more

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I had a presentation with a young man from Leisure Getaways in Atlanta last year. I was updated on some new changes and also added more points to my program. We're very happy! Not all bad apples! Add comment

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