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Leisure Getaways Incorporated holds an extremely high standard for their employees. Sometimes, employees don't always live up their job duties and the company has to separate ties with them in order to provide quality and service for our clients. With that being said, websites like this make it easy for disgruntled employees who were terminated to go on here and post lies about the product and their old supervisors out of spite. Then you have... Read more

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Scam!! Jesse Pierce screwed us too, said it was the right thing to do for our account, all lies! Read more

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All crooks.. Make sure you dont write a letter to corporate bc signature wasnt on file.. Lol!! If you spend thousands of $'s at a restaurant your an ***.. Oh fdont forget to ask sbout you POD or CRS.. Top 50 0f 300 lol hah

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Jesse Pierce completely screwed us.. Told us our m.fees would sky rocket which they did not.. He was unprofessional all over his employees, it was gross.. This company is a bunch of liars! Were not even with RCI! Cat n mouse game.. Funny that they thought we couldnt hear the 2 tables next to us being pitched the same bs story! LGI is Fraud

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I have had nothing but good experiences with LGI...this is obviously a negative review website, but for us, we have gone on two trips last year and one so far this year with our 30,000 pts (which we paid a little over $15,000 for after we traded in one of our old timeshares). We doubled our time and lowered our fees to less than $500 so I am not sure how people can have such bad experiences. Everyone has been professional and even though the... Read more

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Please ! Please ! Please ! People if there is anyone out there that could help us to get a class action suit with this company going ! Please let it be known, who to contact ! Put it on Facebook, news, radio etc. ! This needs to Stop ! This company is ripping people off left and right (especially Seniors) promising them something verbally, having them to initial papers that don't say what they've promised (verbally) knowing most people don't... Read more

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Apparently more of us have had the same experience with Leisure Getaways! We signed papers last fall and waited and waited for the papers they were to send. spoke to them several times about the status of our 3 weeks worth of timeshares. One timeshare sold pretty quick (2 months) but we also got stuck paying maintenance fees on the other two timeshares because the sale didn't go through until after the first of the year on them. They... Read more

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If you don't mind flushing your cash down the toilet, by all means buy timeshares from LGI. We have yet been able to find a resort within our limited travel abilities to even stay at - booked solid for over 2 years of summers. We were lied to, and the entire program was misrepresented from the beginning. I might add, the entire room was filled with "elderly" people - easier to work their scams on. They implied they were agents for our... Read more

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After several phone calls I finally agreed to attend a "Wyndham" update, upon arrival I was informed they were NOT Wydham. After 2 hours of these scam artist telling me how horrible Wyndham was and if I were to die my children would be strapped with my debt, I kindly informed them I loved what I have and I knew for a fact my children would NOT be "strapped" with mu so called maintenance fee debt, they got exteremely rude (No surprise). Do not... Read more

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In March 2015, we were invited to dinner to "update" us on our timeshare package. When we arrived, it turns out it was not our timeshare, but a totally different timeshare program which they would gladly trade us for our old one. The new program was totally misrepresented as to resorts available within the confined area we were interested in and as to the availability of those resorts. After 13 months, we have not found a single resort with... Read more

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